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Goalong Single Malt Whisky

Goalong Single Malt Whisky is a popular whisky in China, and it is widely renowned for its flavor and quality. It is manufactured by Huabiao Gao Long (Goalong Hu) in the Chinese province of Hubei and is widely available.

Scotch whisky from China

China's scotch whisky is a relatively new occurrence. The Chinese government established the Scotch Whisky in China program in 2008 to ensure the authenticity of imported Scottish spirits. This was done to reduce the quantity of counterfeit products on the market.

Scotch whisky exports to China have skyrocketed in recent years. Since 2005, it has expanded by double digits every year. To preserve the brand, the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has collaborated closely with the British Embassy and Chinese authorities.

The SCOTCH WHISKY trademark was recently renewed by SWA. This will ensure the brand's protection for another decade.

Visitors can now get a closer look at Scotch manufacturing thanks to the opening of the new Whisky Experience Centre in Beijing. The center also provides an educational foundation for fans. It offers pictures from Scottish distilleries as well as a diverse range of Scotch whisky.

the single malt Club China investment fund seeks to capitalize on China's untapped demand for high-end Scotch. It features imported single cask bottlings, rare malt whisky, and limited editions from Scotland.

Each month, several whisky-related fairs are conducted in each province. Consumers from Taiwan and other nations attend these exhibitions. In the Chinese market, there are also independent bottlers.

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