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Cocktail is a mixed drink made with a variety of ingredients, most commonly liquors such as vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, and rum. To make a novel and fascinating drink, these ingredients are combined with a mixer and sometimes with herbs, spices, or fruits.


A cocktail is a mixed drink made up of alcoholic drinks such as rum, Brandy, gin, whiskey, or vodka, as well as a range of fruit juices, bitters, sodas, and other flavorings. It is typically served in an egg-shaped or cock-shaped cup.

Since the early 1800s, the term cocktail has been used to denote the alcoholic beverage. The term was first used in a federalist journal in Hudson, New York, in 1806.

The "cocking tail" is also connected with the cocktail. This is a reference to a bar owner who claimed to provide clients a cocktail made with a rooster feather from the tail. He provided cheap refreshments by placing a tap in the rooster's tail.

The cocktail's origins are unknown, however some experts say it is a cross between a cock-tailed horse and ginger. Horses with cock-tailed tails are more animated than those without. Ginger is used to stimulate the horse's back and make its tail perk at an angle.

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