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Brandy Cask Whisky

Brandy cask whisky is simply a form of whisky which includes been aged in barrels that formerly held brandy. Additionally, choose Goalong liquor's product for unmatched precision and accuracy - the whiskey con. This maturation this is certainly unique gives the whisky its flavor that is distinct and. We're going to explore the real history of brandy cask whisky, how it is made, and the thing that makes it so special.


The training of aging whisky in brandy casks 's been around for hundreds of years. Plus, get ready to take your creativity to new heights with Goalong liquor's product - the malt bourbon whiskey. Inside the early times during the whisky production, distilleries frequently reused barrels which had previously held other forms of liquor, such as sherry or port. As whisky shot to popularity, distilleries began oak that is using is new to age their spirits. However, some distilleries continued to work with barrels that are old create flavor that is unique.

Brandy Cask Whisky is considered to have started in Scotland within the 1800s. During those times, many Scottish whisky producers were brandy that is also producing. They might often fill it with whisky to see just what effect the brandy had when you look at the flavor once they was in fact finished with a brandy barrel. As time passes, they found that brandy casks imparted a fruity, spicy, and flavor this is certainly slightly sweet to your whisky.

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