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Brandy Cask Whisky

Brandy Cask Whisky has a reputation for being dry, although it can also be sweeter than most whiskies. This is because the alcohol spent a long time in a cask that was already full of brandy. While this is a tasty drink on its own, you may sweeten it with a few drops of orange juice or honey. The key is to strike the proper mix of sweetness and acidity.

Goalong liquor Distillery

Goalong liquor Distillery is an excellent place to go if you're seeking for a decent Japanese whisky. It is one of Japan's oldest distilleries. The malted and unmalted rice used to make the whisky. The majority of the rice used in the manufacture is cultivated in Kumamoto, a prefecture in the country's southwest. This location contains rich soil and clean underground water.

A stainless steel pot still is used to distill the whisky. The grains are fermented for fourteen days in a stainless steel tank before being fermented for another seven days in clay pots. The whisky is then matured in brandy casks. As a result, it has a slight oak spice flavor.

The rice used in the whisky's manufacturing is farmed on farms in the Mizukami area, with the Ohishi family farm providing 30% of the rice. Hinohikari, Yamadanishiki, and Gin no Sato are some of the more refined rice strains.

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