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Why do people love the Goalong Brandy XO? Jan 17,/2022

January 17,2022

Color: Dark Amber
Smell: Aromas of late summer fruit, combined with rich floral notes
Taste: Remarkably smooth, rich and mellow

Finish: Velvety, rich and lingering finish

This Goalong Brandy XO is distilled in Prulho France, blended and bottled in China. Exotic grapes, materials and technology guarantee its unique flavors. Being classic always means being simple. This classic crystal bottle speaks the story of delicately blended brandy.

Customers like it at the first sight of its limpid amber color and classic crystal bottle. The mellow and balanced taste is combined with fragrance complexity. With rich aromas of canilla, a full taste, and an after taste subtly hinted with oak, the smooth and long last taste, the deep golden color makes this brandy attractive. Aromas of late summer fruit linger after you open the bottle. Drink and experience its mellow and slightly sweet taste, and lingering sweet aftertaste.


Crushed, mashing, fermentation, distilling, maturing and blending

We like French brandies, not just because of the sunshine, water and grapes there. Generations of heritage always give us something different from others. We want to be stronger and better. We know the tears and sweat today will be part of success and fulfillment tomorrow. In a changing world, it is worthwhile to follow your heart and bravely go for your dreams.

It’s no surprise that our liquor has more character, more substance, more taste.

But it might surprise you to know:

Anything we can dream up, we get to brew up. Goalong liquor. Your professional liquor expert, your One-stop liquor OEM supplier.