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Whiskey Glasses Guide

December 07,2021

Wine tasting, not only tasting the wine itself, but also includes the appreciation of the glass.

 For whisky lovers, a glass of high-quality whisky without a corresponding glass pairing can be said to be sorry for the taste of the wine.

In the training of Goalong’ junior tasters, many novice learners often ask the question “Why can’t I drink the vanilla, sea breeze and oaky taste that others are talking about?” In fact, if we choose the right glass, we can all become whisky tasting experts!

If you want to understand whisky better, you can also learn about the related wine glass bar.

1.) Grandcairn Cup
Suitable for Occasions:
Tasting events, sniffing and pure drinking, tournament designation, travel carry, home use, gift giving.

2.) Tulip Cup
Suitable for Occasions:
Suitable for a variety of professional occasions, especially for the use of strong body whisky, such as single malt whisky tasting.

3.) Classical Cup
Suitable for Occasions:
Whisky served on the rocks.

4.) One Bite Cup
Suitable for Occasions:
High quality spirits dedicated, or home, party, more warm, casual

5.) Highball Cup
Suitable for Occasions:
Whisky cocktails or whisky soda

6.) ISO International Standard Cup
Suitable for Occasions:
Professional blind tasting of whisky tournament events


What kind of wine glass will you use for this one?

Fresh fruit with slightly chocolate aroma

Rich and well-balanced

I usually use a classic glass because my friends and I really like this one and the taste is great with ice. So, what do you think?