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What’s the whisky highball?

May 12,2022

All cocktails made with spirits and soda can actually be called highball.

 The same as gin, tonics, screwdrivers and Cuba Libre. All of them are also called sake highball. But since the whisky highball is the most popular of these cocktails, it’s no problem to put highball and whisky highball in the middle.

The life of highball did not come from whisky. In 1767, when Joseph Priest invented “aerated water”. After the invention of the “aerated water” by Joseph Priest, people used it to drink brandy. The drink became popular in the Victorian era.

Who was the first person to make a whisky highball?

 This remains a mystery today. A New York bartender named Patrick Duffy claims to have been the first to practice this recipe. At the time, an English actor asked him to make such a drink, after using some blended whisky to make it. That week, he have no opportunity to sell nothing except to the Scotch whisky highball. Every actor on Old Broadway, every bar regular in New York, everyone was drinking this simple cocktail soon. By this time, the Whisky Highball had become popular among whisky lovers around the world. We are the leading whisky supplier.