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What is the Goalong Blended malt whiskey?

January 14,2022

Color: Golden
Smell: Rich aroma of wheat and nectar fragrance
Taste: Rich aroma, elegant taste with rich and sweet
Finish: The nectar is sweet with long lasting

Goalong Whiskey Distillery is located in the center of the Liuyang River Canyon Basin, surrounded by mountains.

 The distance is about 2.5 kilometers from Liuyang River to the distillery. Arounding Luoxiao Mountain Range and Lianyun Mountain Range in the north and south. The main peak is Dawei Mountain, the highest peak is 1608 meters, the forest coverage rate is 99%. Water from this mountain with sweet and nature taste.

Under this low-latitude winter snow-capped mountain, Goalong Group found the source of Liuyang River, the annual precipitation is 1680mm, with rich water resources and soft water. Which is an excellent area for distilling whiskey.

Goalong blending malt whisky, all raw materials are selected from high-quality barley malt, aged in bourbon barrels and matured in Chinese brandy barrels.

 Under the floral and malt fragrance is the elegant grape brandy fragrance. The two fragrances blend very suitable. The whisky liquor is light and supple, with an elegant floral and fruity fragrance. The sweetness of toffee and malt enters mouth falls gently like a spring rain.

In 2020, Goalong whiskey has been exported to the United States on behalf of Chinese whiskey, which has been included in the high score by “WHISKY ADVOCATE” magazine.