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What is Carlston Whiskey?

November 18,2021

Color: Amber
Smell: Fresh oak aroma
Taste: A combination of light chocolate bitter and sweet notes
Finish: Soft finish

Carlston whiskey is a unique style of Goalong Liquor.

With unique blending recipe, it seems to bring all out of a quality whiskey. Then intense naturel fruity aromas will interest you to savor it completely. What’s more, its memorable malt sweetness will make you regard it as a pure malt whiskey instead of blended whiskey. We regard whiskey distillation as craftsmanship, which combines nature’s gifts, expert’s experience and supplier’s support. A simple bottle is not simple at all!


Years of our pioneering work finally witness the growth of Chinese spirits, especially chinese whiskey.

Choicest barley, malt and other grains are distilled, aged and blended to make a balanced taste and enjoyment.

Craftsmanship, artistry, prestige, Introducing the Royal Carlston Whiskey from Goalong Liquor Group. Royal Carlston whisky is a longstanding whiskey. It is a typical blended whiskey, with fresh oak aroma and slight chocolate notes. Proven to be a market hot sale, customers find it very compatible with other mixtures.

Customers like its soft finish, the classic bottle shape and the pure amber color.



Malting, mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturing and blending

We cherish nature’s giving, and value our efforts. In a changing world, it is worthwhile to follow your heart and bravely go for your dreams.

It’s no surprise that our liquor has more character, more substance, more taste.
But it might surprise you to know
Anything we can dream up, we get to brew up. Goalong liquor. Your professional liquor expert, your One-stop liquor OEM supplier.