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What are the flavours of whisky?

April 01,2022

Whisky has many types of flavors, and it is very simple in the process of drinking whisky taboos. Pour a small amount of whisky into the smell cup, observe the color and smell the fragrance again, what kind of aroma you will smell when you smell the incense, and what kind of picture will come to mind. This is the wonder of whisky flavor.

Whisky flavor can be divided into aromatic floral type, wheat dry type and so on.

①Fragrant Flowers: This type is reminiscent of freshly picked flowers, ripe fruits and fresh grass.
②Wheat Dry Type: This type smells drier, crunchy as biscuits, and sometimes has a fragrant dusty smell, reminiscent of flour and nuts.
③Smoked Peat Type: This type comes from roasted barley is burning peat, which gives whisky a rich smoky aroma.
④Sweet Wheat: This type is because wheat is occasionally used instead of rye in bourbon, which adds a soft, round sweetness to the flavor of bourbon.

All whiskies in China have Chinese local characteristics.

Goalong Blended Malt Whiskey is made from high-quality barley malt, aged in bourbon barrels and matured in Chinese brandy barrels . Underneath the floral and malt aromas is an elegant grape brandy aroma, the two aromas are well blended, light and smooth, with elegant floral and fruity aromas, toffee, and malt sweetness like spring rain falling gently into the mouth.