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Three Steps to Appreciate Whiskey

March 09,2022

Tools Needed for Tasting Whiskey

1 ISO standard tasting glass and 20 ml whiskey


Find a place that makes you feel comfortable and without too many distracting noises, so that you can sit there and taste the whisky comfortably.

The Tips of Whisky Tasting

You can pour the whisky in to glass cup when it’s time to start tasting. If you pour the whisky too early, it will be difficult to capture the lightest aromas that evaporate. Some people will put a cover on the whisky glass to avoid the aromas loss but the actual effect is limited.

Use Your Eyes to Observe the Color and Tears of The Whisky

The first contact with whiskey must be through your eyes, but don’t believe in its color completely. The color depends on the barrel maturation process. The liquor just coming out of the distiller is colorless and transparent. But in fact, a large part of whisky has been added with pigments during bottling, which is a common marketing strategy.

Shake the glass gently to let the whisky liquid rise and then fall, and observe the density and spacing of the tears. From the whisky tears, we can analyze the types of mature oak barrels and the age of whiskey. Whiskeys with weak tears have a shorter age and lower alcohol content; whiskeys with mellow or long years have strong tears and flow slowly.

Sniff with Nose

Take the cup about 10 cm away from your nose and tilt the cup in place to smell the top flavor of the whiskey. At this time, enters the nasal cavity is the most volatile fruity or floral fragrance.

First Step to Smell Whisky

Whiskey has a high alcohol content. If you stick your nose directly into the glass to smell the fragrance, your sense of smell is likely to be paralyzed, which will affect the subsequent tasting. Hold the whisky glass in front of you, about 40 cm away from your nose, and gently shake the whisky glass to let the aroma go into the air. Shake slowly, then slowly approach the whisky glass until you can smell the first aroma. Then you can enjoy the aroma of whiskey, because the first taste will only be smelled once.

Second Step to Smell Whisky

Use your fingertips to manipulate the whisky glass so that it is level, and gently rotate it so that the wall of the glass is evenly stained with whiskey. Keep the Chiang wine glass level, nose close to the mouth of the wine glass, and smell from below the rim of the cup glass. Below are spices, earthy and malt aromas, and the move up can smell the more volatile fruity and floral aromas.

Third Step to Smell Whisky

Continue to keep the whisky glass level, close to the nose from the side, and sniff the outside of the glass near the middle. The most elusive and delicate fragrance will radiate from inside.

Taste with Your Mouth

When tasting whiskey, never take a big gulp. Pay attention to the sweet aftertaste. When swallowing the whiskey, the mellow flavor of the whiskey is revived by the aftertaste remaining in the mouth. Some whiskeys have a long aftertaste, and some are short. We can use this to identify the aftertaste of the whiskey.

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