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The Origin of Brandy

April 01,2022

Brandy, originally from the Dutch BRAN-DEWIJN, means “distilled spirit”. Brandy is any distilled spirit made from fruit juice.

The fruit is crushed to get just the juice and then the juice is fermented to make fruit wine. After that, the fruit wine is distilled to produce brandy. The brandy is then usually aged in wooden barrels. Distilled wine made from grapes is called grape brandy, which is often referred to as brandy. Brandy made from other fruits should be added with fruit names. Brandy is often called “the soul of wine”.Brandy distillery from France is the most famous among other brandy from other countries. And brandy from Cognac region is the best, followed by brandy from the Armagnac (Amagnac) region. In addition to French brandy, other countries rich in wine, such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Peru, Germany, South Africa, Greece and other countries, also produce a certain amount of brandy with different styles.

 The brandy from the CIS countries is also of excellent quality.