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The New Ambiguous Whisky

November 15,2021

Color: Crystal transparent

Smell: Crisp and clean, almost non-existent flavor
Taste: Again, refreshing and clean but with a delicious softness, which is reminiscent of vanilla, but without any vanilla flavor.
Finish: Smooth and mellow finish
Barley and corn are distilled more than 4 times, then filtered through coconut shell activated carbon for 4 times, and finally filtered through cardboard to finally achieve a balanced taste and leave a refreshing aftertaste.

With its patented precision flow dumper, 316 stainless steel spring, food grade PE plastic and shiny logo design, the new Ambiguous is an innovation of Goalong Liquor.

Produced in Changsha, Hunan, China, under the Gaolang Group, a welcome Vodka-ambiguous, a must-have item for Cocktail experts and bartenders. Refreshing and pure, colorless and tasteless. The entrance is smooth, and the unique vodka of independent brands is becoming more and more popular. 90 and 00 are the target groups of ambiguous vodka. They have their own life attitude and are willing to accept new things. They speak for themselves!

We cherish nature’s giving, and value our efforts. In a changing world, it is worthwhile to follow your heart and bravely go for your dreams.

It’s no surprise that our liquor has more character, more substance, more taste.

But it might surprise you to know:

Anything we can dream up, we get to brew up. Goalong liquor. Your professional liquor expert, your One-stop liquor OEM supplier.