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The Craft of Whiskey Making

March 08,2022

As that of wine, whiskey is also divided into different producing area but the difference is that it is not distinguished by the different varieties of barley.

It only has a little effect on flavor of whiskey. However, the materials used to dry the malt in different producing area will bring a special flavor to whiskey. For example, the distilleries in Islay use peat to dry the malt, so the Islay whiskey have a peat flavor. The influence factor of flavor will present differently under different local climate, quality of water, the production process and the perception of what is tasty.

The barley will be crushed after germination and drying, and then mixed with a certain proportion of hot water.

 We only take the relatively clear wort after filtration. And then goes through the next steps: fermentation, distillation, aged, blending.

Nowadays, most whiskey distilleries no longer germinate by themselves, but use malt with stable quality from malt factories.

The malt will be stored in huge granaries and then transported to grinding workshop through the conveying device, and sent it into the grinder after removing.