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Polarization | Why is Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Aged Whiskey so strange

December 21,2022

A lot of tasting feedback was received during this sharewear tasting event.

We are very thankful for everyone’s love and support for Goalong.

Among this tasting feedback was a controversial shared bottling, the Sauvignon Blanc barrel.

Goalong whiskey fan summed it up with the phrase “on the edge between good and weird to drink”.

(from some reviews of Sauvignon Blanc)

Some said, “The smell of Sauvignon Blanc was a bit stunning to me, but it was gone in a flash.”

Some said “the flavor of sauvignon blanc is too strong, overriding the flavor of everything, after washing the glass can still last.”

Some say “Sauvignon Blanc is very fresh on the nose, with a kind of green tisane, floral flavor, strong sweetness in the mouth, with a vague aroma of orange peel”

Some say “fruity and sour, distinctly white, with woody aromas, particularly strange and unpleasant”.

What is the taste of the very polarized Sauvignon Blanc?

Before discussing the above questions, we need to know where does the aroma of whiskey come from?

The crushing and fermentation of raw materials during the production process of whiskey produces aromas such as grain and fruit, and as it matures in oak barrels, the barrels themselves bring different aromas to the new make, and as the liquid interacts with the barrels during the aging process it can also produce other aromas. In our tasting, the flavors are integrated and layered, each flavor is experienced without feeling like they are competing and pulling, but instead achieve a harmony and naturalness that makes the drinking experience new and enjoyable.

(Flavor Wheel)

In the category of Sauvignon Blanc, Our distilling team’s personal tasting gathered the following information.

Nose: Tropical fruity notes of grapes and citrus, with the addition of sweet malt and toasted bread, both of which are balanced together.

Taste: After aging, the mouth is sweet and smooth, with a fruity aroma that fills the mouth, and the tannic acidity gives the wine a layered feel, with a sweet and smooth finish.

Where exactly do these flavors come from?

First of all, let’s get acquainted with Sauvignon Blanc, which is loved by those who like it and scorned by those who don’t. The evaluation is so distinctive. Its unique style has given it its own holiday, International Sauvignon Blanc Day, May the 1st. Unlike the fresh Sauvignon Blancs from France and New Zealand, our American Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc has another name – Fumé Blanc – and has a smoky woodiness to it, often with peach, grapefruit citrus and honeydew melon as the main flavors. The palate is predominantly dry, with moderate acidity and a thicker body. But the small production and not cheap price makes her tasting feedback also become two-tiered.

And back to our Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged whiskey.

Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Chanunder aged overview.

Like the feeling of an elegant man spending time with a gentle lady. –Alan K., founder of Goalong Group

Why do the distinctive Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc (Fumé Blanc) barrels blend so well with the new wines?

Starting with our new spirits, the degree of malt crushing (coarse and fine particle to powder ratio), the saccharification process, and the temperature, time, and pH value during fermentation are precisely controlled, resulting in a more sweet-tasting liquor. In distillation, we use heat-conducting oil to heat the distillation (ordinary distilleries use steam to heat the distillation at a maximum of about 130 degrees), which allows us to control the heating temperature to 140 degrees or more, thus producing a more intense merad reaction and allowing the liquor to have some toasty aroma.

The barrels are made of French oak, lightly toasted and 3-4 years old to keep the wine light, fresh and clean, with the unique tropical fruit scent of Fumé Blanc.

However, due to the short period of barrel aging, the Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged under aged in the sharing bottle may not have the same distinctive flavor as the “white rich beauty”, but it has begun to show its own unique charm, and I believe that after three years of barrel aging, the unique flavor will allow it to harvest a crowd of fans. All in all, it’s the personality that makes it controversial, it is what it is, not anything else.