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Oak Barrels

May 10,2022


Although some whiskies can be bottled straight from the still (corn whisky does not need to be aged).

In recent years, there has also been a trend for ‘white whisky’ in America. However, for the most of whiskies, cask maturation is a necessary step. For example, In Scotland and Ireland, after the grain Spirits must be matured for more than three, which can be called whisky. The law also requires all whisky to be matured in oak casks and bourbon. The rye and Tennessee whisky to be matured in new barrels that have been carbonated. We are the leading whisky manufacture r.


Cask ageing isn’t waste time, as 70% of the whisky’s flavour comes from the reaction between the spirit and the barrels.

First of all, the most exciting parts of the new make slowly disappear. They are perhaps evaporated, or some are absorbed by the carbonation layer in the barrel. The barrel isn’t just a mere container. It is the most active force in the creation of flavour, storing the aromas, the colour and the tannins that intensify the palate. All these elements are absorbed by the liquid during the barrel ageing process.


It is a “double dance” between the barrel and the spirit liquid. Time creates new aromas and flavours in addition to those created by the distiller. The whole process must not be rushed.