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Meeting friends happily and enjoying New Beer King

August 26,2021

New Beer King tasting party -LIU6 BAR
Ending in a satisfactory way!!!

This activity is sponsored by Goalong liquor and received by LIU6 BAR.Let’s have a look –the highlights of the moment!!!

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How do you feel?Are we having a cheerful locale?

Yes,there are many beauty and handsome men with our New Beer King gathered together!
Here are our New Beer King,let’s have a look!

Next,Let’s take a look about the difference between craft beer and lager beer!

Where there is wine,there will be beautiful girls. Let’s have a look.

Having fantastic music, eager to enjoy a cup of New Beer King with those beatiful ladies.

The beauty also saw, the song also listened to, let’s enjoy the New Beer King together.

The beautiful girls were enjoying the New Beer King together

The handsome boys are the same unwilling to be outdone of the end of the glass enjoy the New Beer King

Can you see the man who raised his hand at the end?
That “enjoy” rise clear beer to come absolutely unambiguous, one breath “enjoy” 3 cups took the first
“enjoy” finish our clear beer of course also won’t let everybody go home empty-handed
We had 4 rounds of lucky draw on site
By Mr. Gao, who is the chairman of GoaLang Liquor
Initiate our lucky draw in our wechat group
Each red envelope is no less than 166 yuan

Lucky Draw:

Grand Prize: Absolute toughness(Gold bull brandy XO) (1 winner)
First Prize: Bosolac Brandy extra (2 winners)
Second prize: Monafrcc London Dry Gin Gift Box (3 winners)
Third prize: 6 bottles of Green Dragonfly (11 winners)

Thanks to LIU6 BAR for supporting this activity
Let’s enjoy the happy moment with friends in LIU6 BAR together.