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Japanese whisky & Chinese Whiskey

May 10,2022


The mature market has always assumed that the revival of the Japanese whisky industry is all down to Goliath cocktails, so you might be thinking: all Japanese whiskies must be suitable for mixed drinking. Since the limited sample size, it is not the right approach to jump to such a conclusion. What we should rather be more concerned about is what effect the process of making these whiskies will have on their expression in terms of flavour. Of course, Japanese whisky is almost identical to Scotch whisky, but it is the nuances and the country’s more variable climate that shape the unique character of these whiskies.


One aspect of production has had a profound impact on Japanese single malt whisky.

Suntory and Ichika are two of the largest distillers in Japan, and even when it comes to making blended whisky, they never swap stocks of the original spirit as the Scottish makers do. What these two do is produce a range of different styles at their own branded distilleries, then blended them.

In other words, their single malts are “blended” with different styles of original whisky.


With this method and together with the meticulousness of the Japanese and the pursuit of precise aromas, has created the rhythm and quality that Japanese blended whiskies share with their malt counterparts.


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