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How to taste brandy?

March 30,2022

The mostclassic way to drink brandyis in a special cocktail glass called a brandy snifter. The snifter has a bowl and rim shape. It will have a short stem and come in many sizes, although no more than 1/3 of the snifter (30 ml) will usually be served at a time. The snifter is perfect for serving brandy that directs the brandy to the appropriate part of your tongue and delivers the aromas to your nose. The round body allows the fragrance to remain in the cup. When drinking, hold the bowl of the snifter in the palm of your hand to warm the brandy gently which enhances the flavor and aroma.


Pour the brandy into the snifter about 1/3 full, observe the color and clarity of the brandy, tilt the cup body about 45 degrees, then turn it back to the upright position, and watch as long droplets form— these are wine legs. It was widely believed that the more legs a wine had, with a slower sliding speed and more rounded shape, the better it would be in quality.


Hold the snifter at around chest height and take a gentle sniff from above the rim of the glass. This will deliver the aromas of the brandy to your nose without singeing the inside of your nose with alcohol fumes. Move it closer – to about even with your chin – and sniff again to get a different set of aromatics of the brandy.


Take a very small sip, put it in mouth to acclimatize your mouth to the flavor, savor its taste and finish, smell it deeply with your nose, and digest all the essence between your mouth, nose, tongue and throat.

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