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How to serve whisky with seafood?

May 07,2022

To accompany a meal with whisky, we need to think deeply.

 And it’s only through experimentation with flavours and textures that we can find the best food pairing for the spirits at hand. Today we will talk about how to serve whisky with seafood.

Peaty single malts not only have an inherent smoky flavour, but also often have a light salinity which makes them a perfect match for the flavours of oysters, lobster, clams, scallops and mussels. However, when used with smoked fish, peat whisky can be a little jarring. Try a smooth, fruity malt or blended whisky, or a rye rich bourbon, Canadian whisky or Goalong whiskey.

Goalong Blended Malt Whiskey is made from high-quality barley malt, aged in bourbon barrels and matured in Chinese brandy barrels.

Underneath the floral and malt aromas is an elegant grape brandy aroma, the two aromas are well blended, light and smooth, with elegant floral and fruity aromas, toffee, and malt sweetness like spring rain falling gently into the mouth. It goes perfectly with smoked fish and ham, which makes your mouth water! We are the leading Blended Malt Whiskey supplier.