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Gold Power Label Whisky

November 11,2021

Color: Amber
Smell: The pure and fresh and pleasant mature fruit aroma and smooth oak wood notes
Taste: A firm, vigorous, full-bodied palate, with powerful fruit flavors
Finish: Mellow entrance and a remarkably long finish

Gold Power Label whisky is another longstanding quality whisky of Goalong Liquor with unique blending recipe, it has been warmly received in many countries and areas.

People say it has pleasant mature fruit aromas and smooth smoky oak wood notes. While, you will also be attracted by its mellow and complex tastes. Customers feel that it’s like Jack Daniels whiskey.

Goalong Gold Power Label Whiskey is representative of Goalong whiskey, typical Scottish Campbell flavor, but it is a balanced mix of type of whiskey, while both the coastal and highland breath. Crystal clear golden yellow soft and long malt fragrance, smooth entrance, light liquor and extraordinarily fresh, compared to other full-bodied liquor.
Goalong Gold Power Label Whiskey came into the market in 2007, it’s one of the oldest whiskeys of Goalong Brands, its elegant shape and perfect quality is an important reason to win approval. Then we have promoted this product all over the world.

Malting, mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturing and blending

We cherish nature’s giving, and value our efforts.

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It’s no surprise that our liquor has more character, more substance, more taste.
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