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Come and Learn about the Bosolac Brandy VSOP

February 18,2022

Color: Dark Amber
Smell: Ripe fruit aroma with a hint of chocolate fragrance
Taste: Mellow taste with full and prominent, and full-bodied oak barrel taste

This brandy is distilled from the Marshall’s distillery in the Cognac District of Prulho, this brandy is resulting from a very careful selection and strictly complies with French regulation. With full ripe fruit aroma with a hint of chocolate fragrance.

The Bosolac brandy VSOP launched by Goalong Group in 2016. Being classic always means being simple.

 This classic bottle with grape pattern carving speaks the story of delicately blended brandy. You won’t forget its fresh and delicate fruity aroma. Drink and experience its smooth and slightly sweet upfront, and lingering sweet aftertaste.


Crushed, mashing, fermentation, distilling, maturing and blending

We like French brandies, not just because of the sunshine, water and grapes there. Generations of heritage always give us something different from others. We want to be stronger and better. We know the tears and sweat today will be part of success and fulfillment tomorrow. In a changing world, it is worthwhile to follow your heart and bravely go for your dreams.

It’s no surprise that our liquor has more character, more substance, more taste.

But it might surprise you to know:

Anything we can dream up, we get to brew up. Goalong liquor. Your professional liquor expert, your One-stop liquor OEM supplier.