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Can I drink chocolate and cheese with whisky?

May 07,2022


The high acidity and tannins of some wines are often seen as the reason why they are so difficult to work with chocolate.

Spirits that have been barrel-aged alone are arguably made to be paired with chocolate. This is because the higher alcohol content breaks down the fat in the chocolate, allowing the complex aromas and flavours contained therein to be released more fully. In addition, the flavour of chocolate often contains elements of vanilla, cocoa, black fruit, wood panel and tobacco. These are all flavours that fit in well with many whiskies. However, whiskies with strong oak and tannins are still not suitable for drinking with whisky.


A good whisky breaks down the fat in the cheese, releasing the hidden flavours.

 At the same time the sweet component of the whisky is amplified by the full-bodied cheese and the complexity of the wine becomes more pronounced as a result. Whisky guarantees many flavours that are not present in red wine and are similar to some in cheese: grassy, fermented notes, leather, apple, etc. The seawater notes in many whiskies from coastal areas can bridge the gap between them and the heavier flavours of blue cheese. Soft sheep’s cheeses are better suited to the fruity whiskies created by American oak casks. Although goat’s cheese is slightly more challenging to pair, mature cheddar is the perfect combination with a fresh and malty spirit.


The Goalong Pure malt whisky is made from premium barley malt, aged in bourbon barrels and finished in Chinese brandy casks. Underneath the floral, malty aromas are elegant floral and fruity notes and toffee, which is very suitable for drinking with cheese.

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