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Goalong blended whisky flavored liquor whiskey liquor 700ml 40%abv

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Royal Carlston
Minimum Order Quantity:One container
Packaging Details:12 bottles/carton
Delivery Time:7 days shipping after confirm order
Payment Terms:T/T, LC, OA
Supply Ability:8000 cartons /day

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Chinese customized whiskey

Goalong blended whisky flavored liquor whiskey liquor

40%VOL & 23%VOL 700ML

1. Color: Light honey golden

2. Smell: Soft wheat aroma with little light oak barrel aroma

3. Taste: Gentle and smooth with unique flavor

4. Enough stock with competitive price

The process of making Goalong Whiskey is to pour the ground malt into a special wooden barrel, add boiling water and stir. The wheat flour is dissolved in boiling water to accelerate the release of sugar, and then enters the fermentation stage. Two days after the yeast is added, the wort will ferment to 8 degrees. After fermentation, it will enter the distillation step. After the second distillation, our whisky liquor will have a multi-layered taste. With soft wheat aroma and light oak wood aroma.


Goalong Group focus on the production, research and development and sales of whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin, craft beer, natural rice baijiu, packaged drinking water, functional beverages and multiple beverages. Fully automatic bottling line & modern production workshop, Goalong Group can produce 10000cases products each days with 8 automatic production bottling lines.



Goalong Group have professional international quality management team with strictly accordance and the International Quality Management System, ISO & HACCP Certification. Trust Begins With Quality.

Chinese customized whiskey

China grain blended whisky

Goalong Group provide one-stop spirits liquor service and have 3rd internation generation delivery capability. Since 2009, Goalong Group has leading whisky, brandy and vodka export for 7 consecutive years.

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Goalong Whiskey And Brandy Exported To Over 50 Countries Globally, No Security Accident, 100% After-Sales Service.

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