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Goalong Silver Club single malt whisky 700ml 47%abv
Goalong Silver Club single malt whisky 700ml 47%abv
Goalong Silver Club single malt whisky 700ml 47%abv
Goalong Silver Club single malt whisky 700ml 47%abv
Goalong Silver Club single malt whisky 700ml 47%abv
Goalong Silver Club single malt whisky 700ml 47%abv

Goalong Silver Club single malt whisky 700ml 47%abv

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Goalong
Minimum Order Quantity:One container
Packaging Details:Each bottle packed gift box, 12 bottles/carton
Delivery Time:7 days shipping after confirm order
Payment Terms:T/T, LC, OA
Supply Ability:8000 cartons /day

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Chinese single whiskey


Flavour Intense malt fragrance,natural fruity aromas and honey flavour
Taste  Smooth and silky upfrout and full bodied palate

The craftsmanship of this silver club single malt whiskey is to soak the wheat from the magazine in hot water to let it germinate. After soaking, spread the grain on the floor to let it fully breathe. For the one-time germinating, the barleyneeds to be turned over continuously, which helps. To radiate the heat generated during the germination process. After germinationsaccharification, fermentation, two distillations, oak barrel aging and blending, and bottling finally.

Liquor distillery process

Chinese single whiskey

Chinese single whiskey

       Leading the export for 7 consecutive years.Fast delivery, guaranteed quality and excellent after-sales service. Bring you a five-star one-stop shopping experience.None of the products circulating on the market have experienced any food safety incidents. Customer survey satisfaction exceeds 90%. We accept supervision and correction from global customers and professional institutions.

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Company Profile

   Liuyang Goalong Liquor Distillery Co., Ltd. is a one-stop professional International Liquor Manufacturer in China invested by UK Goalong Group in the year of 2018, mainly producing and exporting whisky, brandy, vodka, gin, liqueurs and other liquors. located in the Two Oriented Industrial Park of Liuyang city, It’s the 1st largest-scale single malt whisky distillery in China, and also the 4th distillery invested by Goalong Group, with the most advanced and modernized equipment and high-level management system, representing Group’s 4th international Delivery Level, mainly focusing on Chinese Whisky making and private label liquors services for customers from in and abroad.





1. Is this whiskey really 3 years old? Yes, we distilled this single malt whisky ourselves and aged it in oak barrels for at least 3 years. 2. Can we use our own logo or design on the label? Yes, we accept custom designs. We also have a team of designers to help you design. 3. What is the volume of the bottle? We have a 700ml bottle on hand. We can open the mold for your authorized bottle. 4. What is the mold opening cycle and cost? Our mold opening cycle is usually about two weeks, divided into mechanical bottles and manual bottles, and the cost is between US$300 and US$1500. Considering the long-term cooperation in the future, we can consider refunding the mold opening fee for the first large order. 5. What should I do if the goods are severely damaged when transported to the local area? Our packaging is suitable for international transportation and the damage rate is extremely low. Please take pictures and collect evidence within 2 hours after receiving the goods. We will compensate your next order based on the actual loss. 6. What should I do if wine leaks and label errors are caused due to incorrect processes or production affecting sales? Because the labeling is operated by a machine, the error range is very low, and it is difficult to see the error with the naked eye, so you can rest assured. Regarding the problem of wine leakage, since the lid has been improved many times, the possibility of wine leakage is very small. If it is really due to factory reasons, please take a photo as evidence, and we are willing to bear the corresponding responsibility. 7. Customers in our market are very repulsive of Chinese food, because there are many food problems in China, how to eliminate the doubts of the end market? If necessary, we can cooperate with QS testing or other internationally certified BV, third-party inspections, etc. Absolutely guarantee the quality. Compared with other major spirits brands, our products are cost-effective. The price is moderate and the quality is guaranteed. I believe this will definitely help you open up a bigger market. 8. What if there is a difference between bulk wine and sample wine? Every time a sample is sent, we will affix the corresponding label and keep a copy on the company's sample display rack. When producing bulk goods, we will deploy and produce according to samples, so the problem you are considering basically does not exist. 9. I want to buy 6 bottles of whiskey. Can your company provide cash on delivery service? As wine is dangerous and fragile, we do not recommend you to buy 6 bottles. You can try one bottle first. Due to local express, we do not accept cash on delivery. 10. How many inspections are possible during the entire production process, and how many full inspections? Each of our positions will conduct mutual inspection and self-inspection. In addition, there are 2 random inspections and 1 full inspection.

AlcoholContent    47%vol
BottleHandmade refined white glass bottle
LabelBright silver PP label
CapAluminum plastic cap with cork
ColorLight gold amber
Packing specification12 bottles/carton
Certificates:ISO; FDA; HACCP
Service:Free sample; Free design; OEM; ODM
Taste:Pure malt aroma, sweet entrance, full bodied finish


Make your weekend more special with Goalong Silver Club – Scotland Single Malt Whisky,It`s perfect for rooftop barbecues quality time with friends,and afternoon in the sunshine. Share with mates, or pour over ice and garinsh with a fresh slice of lime. Enjoy Goalong Silver Club – Scotland Single Malt Whisky for a new taste of the weekend.