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What kind of drink tastes good when mixed with whisky?


Many people like to have cocktails at parties, but home party thinks there are too many things to prepare for cocktails. In fact, it's great to simply exchange some drinks in whisky. What kind of drinks do you usually like to add?

Whisky mixed with drinks can choose a more refreshing type, such as Goalong single malt whisky, which smells rich in wheat and nectar, fragrant in the mouth, elegant in taste, rich and sweet, and suitable for girls to drink. Using this to exchange drinks is a relatively infallible option.

Goalong <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>single malt whisky</a> +coke

Whisky + Coke

It's actually quite common to add carbonated drinks to whisky, with Coke being a popular choice. Add a few ice cubes to a glass, pour in a third of a Goalong single malt whisky and two thirds of a Coke and stir well, for a very refreshing and spirited drink.

Goalong single malt whisky + green tea and black tea

Whisky + green/black tea

If Americans are fond of whisky + cola, then many Chinese are more fond of whisky + green tea, and in recent years, and gradually extend the drinking method, with Goalong single malt whisky and iced black tea or iced green tea in the ratio of 1:8 mix, the sweetness of iced black tea or iced green tea can dilute the whisky strong, plus the taste of tea is very unique, people who are not good drinkers can try this way of drinking.

Goalong single malt whisky + coffee

Whisky + Coffee

Whisky for coffee is a popular drink in Europe. Because of the cold weather in many parts of Europe, mixing whisky with coffee can be warming and refreshing. The alcohol also gives the coffee a more intense flavour. Mix 150ml of coffee with 30ml of Goalong single malt whisky and a squeeze of cream and you've got a highly creative coffee drink.

Goalong single malt whisky +coconut milk

Whisky + coconut milk

This is a very unpopular way to drink, the Goalong single malt and coconut milk 1:3 ratio mix, from the colour of the above can no longer see the pure in the whisky, but drink up, whisky alcohol sense can neutralize the sweetness of the coconut milk itself, the taste of a lot of refreshing, and with a little sweetness, a nut milkshake feeling, coconut flavor also seems more fresh.

You should know what kind of drink whisky tastes good, friendly hint: all the above, it tastes better with ice. If you are not going to try the combination of whisky and beverage, adding some ice or pure water is also very flavorful.