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Let's have a date with hairy crabs in LIU6 BAR


Early autumn is a good time to eat crabs. Steamed hairy crab is a traditional Chinese dish. This dish crab is original, orange color, delicious crab meat, rich in nutrition, belongs to steamed seafood cuisine, famous for its mellow taste, rich in nutrition. On October 8, Goalong group team have a good part in LIU6 BAR to eat hairy crabs with drinking our own Chinese single malt whiskey and craft beer New Beer King.



It is the happiest thing in life that is drinking our own factory-brewed beer and whiskey in our own bistro and eating hairy crabs from the boss. Let us looking these happy faces.

Having sitting in a cozy bistro, listening to soft music and talking about our five year single malt whisky was bound to be unforgettable.


parting 1

This is our indoor crab feast, now let's take a look at our outdoor crab feast.Outdoor crab feasts are obviously more for handsome men.


Good evening is over. Looking forward to another good evening.Welcome to sip Goalong Liquor WHISKY and drinking our New Beer King.

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