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How do you normally taste brandy?


How do you normally taste brandy?

How do you normally taste brandy? There are actually many different ways to drink brandy, and different ways will lead to different experiences. Many brandy lovers prefer to drink it neat, preparing brandy glasses and pouring brandy in one glass and ice water in the other.

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When drinking, hold the wall of the brandy glass in your hand and allow the warmth of your palm to pass over the glass slightly warming the brandy and allowing its aromas to evaporate. Fill the entire glass, sniffing and drinking at the same time, to really enjoy the wonders of drinking brandy. With each small sip of brandy, take a sip of ice water to refresh the palate and make the next sip of brandy taste more aromatic. As you take a breath, the fragrance of the brandy lingers in your mouth for a long time.

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Many girls also like to drink brandy, but many of them like to add brandy to their drinks. I once had a glass of Goalong Brandy XO at a party with friends and found that my friends liked to add cola to their brandy. The taste of the mix is very special and many people compare this drink to drinking a cocktail, a very incorrect analogy.

If you can, it is best to sit on a stool alone, with a glass of fine wine in your hand, while listening to music and taking a small sip. Take your time and feel the fragrance and richness of the brandy instantly reverberate around your nose and mouth, do you know how to taste it?

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