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Whisky Blending


    We often come across blended products. Champagne is blended wine, as are many of the top red wines from the Bordeaux region. Tea and coffee mostly need to be blended, and perfumes and cigars need to be flavoured  for their aromas. Most people probably don't know that Cognac brandy is also a blended spirit. For the whisky, whether in Europe or North America, many people wrongly believe that blended whisky is inferior to single malt whisky. This is a completely false notion.

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    92% of all Scotch whisky sold in the global market is blended whisky. So we can know that at least 90% of consumers are drinking blended whisky and they consume over 82 million cases a year. Add to this the blended whiskies from Japan, Canada and Ireland and ask: are these consumers gullible fools? Or do they really like blended whiskies? In fact, even with single malt whiskey and pure bourbon whiskey, distillers blend different casks to create a more consistent flavour profile, which can be considered a 'blend'.

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