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Whiskey "Slang" second bullet


There are many ways to drink whisky, the common ones are drinking it neat and on the rocks. But if you are a whisky lover, you should know two hidden ways to drink whisky.


    The origin of the name "Highball" has been described in many ways, but in short, it is a way of drinking carbonated drinks with spirits. Because of the huge popularity and far-reaching influence of whiskey highball in Japan, it is now common to go to a bar and ask the bartender for "a highball", which is by default "whiskey highball".

whiskey highball


    Oyuwari is whiskey with hot water and a blending method.It is very popular in winter. First, heat the glass, then add whiskey, then add hot water. The ratio of liquor to water is usually 1:2, and the water temperature is controlled at about 70 degrees.

Oyuwari whisky

    If it is one of the following on how would you choose to drink it?

Sliver Club Single Malt whisky

Flavor: Intense malt fragrance,natural fruity aromas and honey flavor.

Taste: Smooth and silky upfront and full bodied palate.