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What's New in Whiskey Releases for 2022


Cheers! Whiskey, the brown elixir. As the world grows economically, more and more people will appreciate the wonderful flavors of Chinese whiskey. This exhilarating spirit can be made from any number of grains - corn, rye, barley, or wheat. Whiskey is produced in many countries, each maintaining a unique character due to differences in production methods, the type and characteristics of the grains, and the quality and characteristics of the water used.


The Reach 81-year-old Single Malt, Macallan


We start with a monster, The Reach by Macallan Whiskey Distillery.

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This extremely rare 81-year-old single malt whiskey was made in 1940 during the Second World War and is the oldest expression ever made. The Scottish distiller has aligned this unusual timing to the heart of the Macallan brand for almost 200 years, embodying an enduring spirit.


Reach was created from a sherry-flavored oak cask, but caved in before the distillery was forced to close its doors in the 1950s, and has since found its footing again.


The dark single malt is encased in a blown bottle, cradled by three insubstantial bronze hands. Each hand represents a figure from Macallan's history. One commemorates the distillery workers who made this spirit in the 1940s during a challenging time. Another is the hand of former chairman Allan Shiach, whose grandfather led the company when The Reach first found casks. The third is today's master whiskey maker, Kirsteen Campbell, who decided that the time had come to share this precious whiskey with the world.


The Reach has a deep purplish-red color and is described by aromas of red currant jelly, pink grapefruit, peat, sweet cinnamon, plum, leather, and dark chocolate. On the tongue, there are notes of licorice, jam, ginger, pineapple, hickory, coffee, burnt pineapple, wood smoke, and nutmeg.


Old Parr 18-year-old Scotch


For those who can't afford a $125,000 bottle of whiskey, Old Parr is a sweet, smoky alternative with a depth of flavor that has been allowed to settle for almost 20 years.

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Aged for 18 years, Old Parr is a new and permanent addition to the Old Parr portfolio, a refined blend of the rarest and most distinctive malts from Craggan Moor. Flowing from the heart of Scotland, the 18-year-old Carmel broth is bursting with extraordinary complexity.


Toast with this Scotch whiskey in honor of noteworthy occasions and times close to the heart. Whether gathering with family or gifting a special milestone, Old Parr's 18-year-old whiskey enhances the drinking experience and the moment of celebration, while making life more fulfilling.


This Scotch whiskey comes in an iconic oval bottle that reflects the craftsmanship required for a unique whiskey. The cracked texture of the bottle resembles that of an old, tavern-worn bottle and bears the signature of the Greenlees brothers, a nod to Old Parr's indefatigable standards over one hundred and fifty years.


The Old Parr 18 years old should be drunk responsibly neat or on the rocks and retails for $70.


The Goalong Single Malt at 40% Vol


It's a single malt whiskey distillery from China, which is made with premium barley malt, yeasts, and the water source beneath the large mountain of Mashi in Miluo, Hunan.

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The Goalong whiskey is aged in bourbon barrels and finished in Chinese whiskey barrels. Underneath the floral, malty aromas are elegant aromas of grape brandy, the two aromas are well integrated, and the wine is light and smooth, with elegant floral and fruity notes, toffee, and a malty sweetness that fall gently on the palate like spring rain.


Goalong single malt olfaction is rich malt aroma and sweet nectar mingle, with layers of oak and vanilla. When your palate it, you can feel Aromatic, elegant and delicate, rich and sweet  (smooth and full-bodied, with a wonderful blend of nutty sweetness, cinnamon aroma, and just the right amount of sweetness.) Finally, Nectar's sweet aroma is thick and elegant (slightly light honey and soothing smoky flavor.)


The Goalong Single Malt whiskey from China retails for $45 in 2022 initially.


The Sexton Single Malt, Walking Dead Commemorative Edition


This delicious porter is available in an undead version with a zombie priest on the label of the special edition bottle.

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In partnership with AMC Networks and The Walking Dead, Sexton's Single Malt Whiskey has been unveiled in an exclusive co-branded bottle to mark the show's final season. To introduce this new release, America's best-selling Irish single malt whiskey has teamed up with showrunner Ross Marquard, the kind-hearted Aaron who offers optimism in even the darkest of times.


The striking bottle features a decaying silver label filled with undead corpses parading across the bottle's hexagonal packaging. Quotes from cast members Daryl, Herschel, Rick, and Michonne adorn this version, depicting the harsh realities of post-modern existence in an ironic echo of The Sexton's slogan - 'Celebrate Life'.


Sensually, The Sexton Single Malt Whiskey appears in a rich palette with bold flavors. This whiskey has been tripled distilled, matured in former Oloroso Sherry casks, and consciously aged to achieve the perfect balance between rich dried fruit and a memorable toasty oakiness.


Available to pre-order now for $34.


Mizunara Cask-Finished Whiskey, Glendalough Distillery

Turkey whisky

From hidden blue lakes to emerald valleys, Glendalough Distillery has adopted Eastern influences in its traditional Irish whiskey.


Glendalough is Ireland's oldest craft distillery, founded by five whiskey-loving friends who steeped that spirit in the Irish legends and lore that spilled over into this single malt whiskey.


Mizunara Cask-Finished Whiskey is a 7 years old Irish single malt whiskey aged in very rare Mizunara casks from the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The relentless pursuit of the world's most flavourful oak has taken them to the woods of Wicklow (about an hour's drive south of Dublin), to the volcanic zone of northern Japan where the most sought-after oak in the whiskey world is found.


Mizunara trees must grow to twice their typical age before they can be cut and take three years to dry, and are notoriously difficult to work with due to their porous nature. This is where the secret of its deep flavor lies. The whiskey penetrates deep into the wood, resulting in a deep, exotic flavor.


This oak-treated whiskey has an intriguing fruitiness, but with a floral vibrancy. It is smooth with notes of dark chocolate orange, sandalwood, and cinnamon, which are synonymous with Mizunara whiskey.


Glendalough 7 years old single malt whiskey Mizunara Finish retails at $100.

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