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What whisky to drink for what occasion?


How does to choose the right whiskey for different occasions?

The timing and occasion of enjoying whiskey will definitely affect your desire for whiskey. Here are some simple assumptions. And i will recommend some basic principles for choosing whiskey.

1. Nightclub Party

Don't waste Scottish single malt whiskey here. It's better to choose the Kentucky bourbon whisky or Scottish blended whiskey, drinking it with with ice cubes. In this scenario, the most important is price, not the brand. Because you will focus on the people, things which around you. You will ignoring the aroma from the whiskey glass in your hand.

Nightclub Party whisky

2. Make a glass of cocktail to show craftsmanship

Never choose cheap whiskey to blend cocktail. The bad raw materials  course the drinks made will be terrible. And don't just mix one bottle of whiskey to mix the cocktail. Whiskey with too heavy peat flavor will surely steal the elegance of other supporting actors, and too sweet taste whiskey will lose the balance of taste. You can use Scottish or Japanese blended whiskey, American Maker's Mark Whisky, or American rye whiskey. All those whisky only have a budget of 30-40 Euros per bottle.


3. Take a drink after get off work

Each people has a their own favorite whiskey, but as the consumer market expands, the choice is diversified. Especially when the price of your favorite whiskey soars, you can only choose another one that suits you. There are two solutions of this problem:

1. A bottle of bourbon whiskey with ice

2. A bottle of Scottish non-aged whiskey (NAS)

Take a drink after get off work