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What should we need pay more attention nearly at the end of the whiskey tasting?


    When we observe closely and sniff the whiskey, stick our nose into the glass and smell the whiskey aroma, and we have also drunk the whiskey again and again. Our whiskey tasting is almost over. But an empty whiskey glass does not mean that you can go to bed.

Appreciate whiskey 1

Exchange experience with drinkers

    Whiskey tasting is the time of sharing. At the end of the whiskey tasting, you can exchange your thoughts on whiskey. Which bottle whisky you prefer to and why you like it? You can take photos and archive them, which can help you find the whiskey you love at the first sight easier in the future.

Smell the empty whisky glass at the last time

    This is a good excuse not to wash the cups right away. Although the remaining whiskey at the bottom of the glass is a bit dry, it still emits this aroma.Even a few hours after tasting, you can still smell the remaining aroma. The heaviest peat smell whisky is the peat monster whiskey. Which has a subtle fragrance left on the bottom of the glass after several months.

Smell the empty whisky glass

How to clean the whisky glasses

    Some people would recommend washing with hot water to avoid the soapy smell on the glass. But the problem is can't wash clean enough.  And it is easy to leave grease and stains on the whiskey glass after a long time. The best way is to wash the cup by hand, you can add a little detergent, but you must be very careful wash with flowing water. Then wipe the cup dry with a clean cloth to avoid leaving water stains. Do not wipe the cup with a damp tablecloth, otherwise it will leave a musty smell in the future.

clean the whisky glasses