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What is the Mizuwari?


    "My goodness!" That's what the Scots must say when they see Mizuwari. How can you add so much water to whisky, won't it kill the quality and taste of the whisky? Mizuwari, although it would make a Scot cringe, is indeed a very common way to drink whisky in Japan.

Definition of Mizuwari

    In Japan, Mizuwari means one part whisky with two parts mineral water and ice. It literally means "mixed with water". The amount of ice in the glass is crucial. A glass of Mizuwari should last from the beginning to the end of the meal. If there is too little ice, your whisky will not be cold enough by the time dessert is served; if there is too much ice, you may drink it all in the first sip. Although it may seem simple, there is a lot to learn about making a Mizuwari.

Definition of Mizuwari

The rules of Mizuwari

    When you say Japan, you think of rules. Mizutaki  is not as superficial as adding water to syrup. It's the perfect preparation that makes a perfect Mizutaki. Watching how they prepare a Mizuwari in a Japanese bar is a fascinating show, not only the unique way it is stirred, but also the meticulousness with which each step is taken.

The rules of Mizuwari

1. Choose a glass with a wide mouth and flat bottom, the thickness and quality of the glass should not be sloppy.

2. Place ice cubes in the glass, bring the glass to chill and then pour off the ice cubes.

3. Remove the corners of the new ice cubes, trim them slightly to a sphere and place them in the glass.

4. Slowly and gently pour in the whisky, stirring carefully

5. Add the mineral water little by little. Each stage of the pouring process releases the fragrance of the whisky.

6. When all the water has been added, stir vigorously, but do not make a sound with the stirring stick.

Make Mizutaki

The time to enjoy Mizuwar

1. When it's hot: when the temperature rises, a cool, thirst-quenching Mizuwari is a priority

2. When enjoying a meal: Whisky can replace wine as a crossover drink. It is also a common accompaniment to fine dining in Japan.

3. When enjoying whisky for the first time: the magic of Mizukawa is sure to convince those who claim to "never like whisky" that they are wrong.

The time to enjoy Mizuwar