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What is the function of the bottle cork of whiskey?


    Cork is used to stop whisky bottles, but not only for this. Cork stoppers actually have more surprising functions.

Wine VS Whiskey

    For wine, store the wine bottle flat to keep the cork moist is very importment. When the cork has being soaked with wine, it can help to maintain the sealed state of the wine bottle. The wine does not need to breathe. So once the bottle is opened, the cork will become useless.

wine cork

    The whiskey cork must withstand alcohol concentrations as high as 40% or even 60%. Even once the bottle is opened, the cork can stand the test of decades. The cork need to try to stop the bottle tightly to avoid whisky evaporation.

whisky cork

What should we do if the whiskey has a cork smell?

    It's not only wine has the strange smell of cork? Whiskey may also have a cork taste, but this is relatively rare. If you found your whisky has a strange smell, and taste flavor similar to rotten hazelnuts or damp cardboard boxes. It means your this whisky may grow mold by corks. Please stay calm at this time, just bring the whisky back to the store where you bought it and let them smell it. They will usually replace you with a new bottle of whiskey.

whiskey cork

What should we do if the cork is broken?

    We need to keep a set of emergency tools at home, so as not to be helpless when the whiskey bottle cork is torn off.

1. A clean, empty whiskey bottle and a cork in good condition (not too dry or too humid).

2. A small filter is used to filter the cork fragments that may be produced.

3. A wine corkscrew, used to remove the cork, don't pull it diagonally. If the force is applied alternately between the stopper and the bottle body, the stopper will be more likely to break.

cork brokencork broken 1

Always keep the bottle whisky standing upright

    It seems a good idea to lay the whiskey flat so that the cork will not be too dry and will not break when opening the bottle... Actually this is the worst idea! The alcohol content of the whiskey is too high, and the spirits may swallowthe cork on a large scale, causing the whiskey's flavor to deteriorate.

stand whisky

Does the cork need to be wet?

    Some experts recommend rotating the bottle regularly to keep the cork moist. However, not everyone agrees with this approach because there is a risk that the cork will fall into the liquor. It will make the cork more fragile.

Sealing wax cork whiskey

    The sealing wax bottle stopper looks very beautiful and temperament. But if you don't master the skills, it is really difficult to open. Here is a detailed bottle opening tutorial.

1. Pierce the beeswax with a wine corkscrew

2. Pull out half of the cork

3. Use a knife to scrape off the wax carefully

4.Pull out the cork completely, don't throw away the cork, remember to stay and plug it back into the whiskey bottle.

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