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What does we eat when drink whisky?


    There is an opened whiskey in the cabinet. Do you want to try it? Below is the lists four kinds of whiskey to the liquor and food pairing reference.

    Prepare different flavors cheeses and a few bottles of different types whiskeys. Start with the mildest cheese and the lightest whiskey, and then try the heavier cheese and whiskey in order. You will feel that some combinations are nothing special, while others will surprise you. The flavor and taste of cheese have improved a lot, as is whiskey.

cheeses whiskey

1.Light flavor whiskey


Smoked salmon


Cream cheese

Light flavor whiskey

2. Slightly peaty and slightly thick whiskey


Liver pate


Braised Pheasant


Poultry with Mushroom Sauce


Dry fried scallops

Slightly peaty and slightly thick whiskey

3.Full-bodied whiskey (matured in sherry casks or European oak barrels)

Grilled steak or ribs

Kiln roasted game


dark chocolate

Sliced cheese

Full-bodied whiskey

4.Heavy peatwhiskey

Bread slices with anchovy spread

Rockford cheese

Roast lamb leg

Pulled pork

Smoked Chicken with Tea

Teriyaki salmon

Eggplant Spread

Oriental Lamb Meatballs

dark chocolate

Heavy peaty whiskey