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What are the whisky-based spirits?


    Whisky is not a lonely recluse, nor is it a loner. There are many beverages derived from whisky, and each has its own taste.

beverages derived from whisky

Whiskey Liqueur

    Whiskey liqueur originates from Scotland or Ireland, where people add herb plants, spices, bees and other ingredients to the whiskey depending on the recipe. Its alcohol content is usually around 15% and never exceeds 20%. The oldest and best known whiskey liqueur is the Scottish Gibb's Honey Sweet, a Celtic word meaning "drink of pleasure", with Scotch whisky and heather honey as the main ingredients.

Whiskey Liqueur

Whiskey Cream Liqueur

    The most familiar whiskey liqueur is the famous Baileys liqueur, which is available in all major supermarkets. It is owned by the British Diageo Group, along with other well-known brands such as Johnnie Walker and J&B, and its ingredients are mainly sugar, whipped cream, Irish whiskey and vanilla plants. Other products include Edradour Cream Liqueur, which is based on Edradour single malt whiskey.

whiskey Cream Liqueur

Scotland meets Ireland

    There's a whiskey concoction that can make two enemies disappear in one drink!

Irish Mist is an Irish liqueur with honey and vanilla botanicals, reminiscent of the heathered booze that only the head of an Irish family can enjoy. Irish Mist and Scotland's Keppel honey liqueur blend "Rusty Mist", the wonderful flavor may bring the whiskey of the century to a close.

Scotland meets Ireland

    Now more and more distilleries are scrambling to develop recipes and bring novel types of spirits to market. It also gives our consumers more and more choices, which is a really good trend!

novel types of spirits