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Types of whiskey


There are many types of whiskey, and they have different names according to their geographical location and different grain ingredients. The seemingly complicated naming method often makes people mistakenly think that only the professional expert elite can enjoy and teste whiskey.

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Here are three basic categories to give you some concepts about these common nouns. Don't misunderstand again!


You must have seen the word whiskey. It's error spell? of course not! The word whisky is used in Scotland, Japan, France or other places, then whiskey from Ireland or the United States must be spelled as whiskey. Why does this happen? Let history answer to us. In19th-century, the Scotch whisky is of varying quality, and some of them be described as terrible. In order to make difference with Scotch whisky, Irish Whiskey find the way to add an "e" to the name of the whiskey exported to the United States. Since then, the word whiskey has become the exclusive term for Irish and American whiskey. Pay attention, please don't tell Scotland that he distill whiskey, or he will ask you to get out of here immediately.


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Our Goalong whiskey will also have multiple "e", which means "excellent" in the traditional whisky distilling and production. And keep the excellent quality to service around the world. Goalong liquor, renowned worldwide!