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Tips on preventing and relieving hangovers


    Each time for the whisky tasting, we have this question: How can we avoid a hangover?

Headache, nausea, tiredness, abdominal pain, cramps, etc., These are the classic sequelae of hangovers. Why does we have this problem? Because although the whisky alcohol is a liquid, it will dehydrate your body! Below is some for hangover tips, please refer to the points:

whisky tasting

1. During the whiskey tasting, take advantage of gap to drink a glass of water

This is the best way to prevent a hangover that night or the next day, and it can alleviate dehydration caused by alcohol.

Drinking water

2. Drink a liter of water before sleep at night

Even if you have already drunk water during whiskey tasting, drink water before going to bed. Which can help you to replenish your body's moisture. It is best to put a bottle of water close to your bed, because drinking  whiskey will make people sleep more shallow.


3. Supplement vitamins and zinc on next morning

Supplementing fruits and vegetables is not only good for health, but also supplements the vitamins. which consumed vitamins is help you to break down alcohol. You can eat more raw oysters, the zinc in it can restore your vitality quickly. Carrots can make your liver cheer up again and work hard!

Supplement vitamins and zinc

4. Continue to replenish water throughout the next day

If you are tired of drinking water, try to drink soup or herbal tea, but coffee is not recommended. In terms of eating, please choose foods rich in vitamins, such as bananas or oranges. Drinking a cup of water with a soonful of baking soda can help you relieve pain of stomach.

Hangover Relief Recipe

Homemade fresh juice is not only rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, but also minerals and water. Put some fruits as below in the juicer:

1 peeled orange

1/2 lime

1 peeled kiwi

1/2 cantaloupe or 1/4 watermelon

1/2 banana

1/2 small cucumber

Make it into juice, pour it into a big cup, add some ice cubes and drink it. Good luck for you!

Fruit 1