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The World's Most Underrated Whiskies — The Ultimate Guide


Whiskey Market Supply Lags Behind Demand

If you're an occasional whiskey consumer, you're well aware of the names. If you're a well-rounded connoisseur, you'll curse not finding them on the shelves anymore. The mainstreaming of brown spirits in all categories - bourbon, rye, Scotch, Irish, Japanese - is one of the great commercial success stories of the 21st century. But it wasn't all (four) roses. Unfortunately, all these precious liquids take time to mature. In the whiskey industry, this means that supply actually lags behind demand by years, sometimes decades.

In other words: in the late 90s, no distillery could supply the necessary liquid to meet today's insatiable thirst. As a result, there aren't enough bottles to go around now. Soon, the cult brands mentioned above will only become less available; even more distributed. But there is a silver lining. When the hoarding masses gravitate toward hype, like tourists to Times Square, they leave some sensational liquids untouched on the shelves.

For every bottle of "Pappy 15," there's a bottle of comparable quality bourbon at a tenth of the price. It may even be collecting dust as you read this. The experts know this. And now, you know it, too. Below, the industry's best-selling author reveals a bar full of underrated gems. try not to give away their secrets.

Glen Scotia — Double Cask ($48)

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"Those looking for a true example of Scotland's unique regionalism need to explore Glen Scotia in Campbelltown. it is often overlooked in favour of Springbank, but it tastes like no other whisky I have ever tried. Think huge sea/coastal scents: sea spray, lobster pots and some soft medicinal peat and you're halfway there, off on a beautiful drive along the Kintyre Peninsula." - Neil Ridley, author of World of Whisky.

Oppidan — Smoke + Sea ($42)

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"It's a strange little whiskey, a bourbon finished in Islay Scotch casks, so it's a little sweet, a little smoky, a little salty. It doesn't fit into any category, but it deserves more love. It could be wild penicillin.It can O.K. Japanese energy drinks" - Kara Newman, author of Cocktails With A Twist.

Speyburn — 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky ($36)

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"I'm no longer contributing to these stories. I've seen too many whiskies spike in price or disappear after appearing on them for me to have anything to do with them anymore. No flack for you, it's the crazy hoarders. Weller, Heaven Hill Bonded 6, Old Master, Ilya Craig, Redbreast, Glenrothes, Highland Park, all that Japanese stuff! I think that's a great idea. Well, I actually think Speyburn 10 is underrated - but no one will believe it." - Lew Bryson, author of Whiskey Master Class.

Goalong — 40%VOL Single Malt Whisky From China ($40)

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"The malt is aged in bourbon barrels and aged in Chinese brandy barrels. Underneath the floral and malty aromas are elegant notes of grape brandy, the two aromas are well integrated, with elegant floral and fruity notes, toffee and a malty sweetness that fall on the palate like spring rain.” – Alan K., founder of Goalong Liquor Group.

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