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The top five questions women who drink whiskey are often asked


     When a girl enjoys whiskey, it seems difficult to avoid some embarrassing problems, now we will talk about these "embarrassing" problems. If you are a girl, you can see how to fight back later. If you're a boy, don't talk about these "awkward" topics when your female friends taste whiskey.

girl whisky

1.Whiskey is a man's drink, right?

    Whiskey is often associated with cowboys and cigars, but girls are perfectly free to enjoy whiskey and cigars too, aren't they?But some sources show that the number of women drinking whisky today has been increasing year by year since the 1990s. Forty percent of all whiskey in North America is for girls, and the mainstream female age group for whiskey is now 25 to 52 years old.

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2.Can you distinguish the difference between single malt whiskey and bourbon?

    The raw material of single malt is barley, while the raw material of bourbon is mostly corn. But frankly, it shouldn't matter much whether you know it or not, just like it.

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3. Do you really like the taste of whiskey?

    Women are actually better able to engage their palate to enjoy the wine, in fact, girls have more taste buds than men do. Therefore, women are generally more able to taste the subtle differences between different whiskies. And ask back, so what style did you actually taste?

Girl whisky 2

4. Whiskey is not good for your health, right?

    In fact, drink more, look at who is not necessarily good, which is not a lot to do with boys and girls. There are still many benefits of drinking whiskey in moderation. For example: control diabetes.

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    If you are a girl who likes to drink whiskey, what other "embarrassing" problems will you encounter? You can tell me~