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The single malt whiskey


By definition, single malt whisky is a whiskey that is made exclusively from malted barley in the same distillery and aged in oak barrels for more than three years. It is worth noting that there is no restriction here that the liquor must in the same bottle must come from same oak barrel. Therefore, the bartenders of the distillery will usually mix the whiskey in different barrels (or barrels of different barreling years) produced in their own factory according to their needs, and then bottling them for sale. The year indicated on the bottle label is the shortest maturity barrel whisky time.

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If you think that single malt whisky has not been blended, you are wrong. In order to ensure the consistency of the whisky taste every year, the bartender will blend single malt whiskies of different years or different barrels to balance the slight differences in taste and aroma of the products produced each year.

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When you buy a 15-year-old whiskey, is it really all whiskey aged 15 years in oak barrels? This is not the case. The law stipulates that the label of the year should be based on the whisky with the shortest maturity time. But the bottle liquor usually contains older whiskey, which has officially increased the overall value. Certain brands of single malt whiskies even contain two aged whiskies that are twice as old as the label vintage.

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