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The difference between brandy and whiskey


    Have you discussed "what's the difference between brandy and whiskey?" Last time I met a whisky lover in a bar tasting Goalong single malt whisky. Suddenly asked the question, "what's the difference between brandy and whiskey?"

Brandy and whisky

    In fact, it can be compared in terms of taste, raw materials, producing area and color.The taste of brandy and whisky is not quite the same, although the taste is spicy, but brandy has a fruity aroma and soft taste; whisky taste more exciting aroma is more intense, Scotch blended whisky has a smoky barley taste, American bourbon has a tobacco taste.The ingredients also differ between the two, the main ingredient in brandy being fruit, such as grapes, apples, cherries, etc.The main ingredients of whisky are grains, such as: barley, corn, etc.Brandy originates from the Netherlands, whisky from Ireland. And the colours are different, with brandy initially colourless and transparent, gradually changing to a golden or pale golden yellow. Whisky also starts out clear and gradually turns a nice dark or light amber colour.So do you know the difference between brandy and whisky?

whiskey and brandy