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The 7th Changsha (Central China) Whisky Culture Festival


In recent years, with the rise of young consumers and the pursuit of experiential consumption by young clientele represented by Generation Z. Whisky, which originated in mainland Europe, is rapidly expanding in the Chinese market. at noon on September 23rd, 2023, the 7th Changsha (Central China) Whisky Culture Festival was officially opened. This year's event is co-organized by Global Whisky Magazine Chinese Edition and China Whisky Daredevils, and co-hosted and sponsored by China Whisky Daredevils Central China Chapter, as well as One Zero Wood Culture and Goalong Distillery.


Chinese whisky is bound to go global. Although the venue of this event was small, the scene was extremely hot. As one of the most energetic distillers of the young generation, Goalong Distillery, with the goal of sharing, communicating and teaching whisky knowledge and culture, brought 9 different short-aged spirits for whisky lovers to taste. Goalong Distillery is an emerging whisky producer in China. Although our spirits are only aged in oak barrels for 1 to 2 years, they have been well received by most whisky lovers because of their unique aroma and richness of flavor.


At the event, staff from Goalong Distillery patiently introduced the characteristics and production process of each Goalong product. Whisky enthusiasts were not only able to taste these wonderful spirits, but also gained a deeper understanding of whisky culture and distillation process, so as to discover the unique taste and charm of different whiskies. To make friends with whisky, Goalong Distillery also opened a half-day tour for fans, leading them directly into the distillery for a closer look at the whole process of whisky making: pulverization, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, and aging. The patient and detailed explanation by the distillers and bartenders of the distillery and the strict quality control management of the factory impressed the whisky enthusiasts, and they were full of confidence in Chinese whisky, and in the future, China's Goalong whisky will surely go to the world, and become a shining business card in the history of the world's whisky.


During the Whisky Culture Festival, in addition to enjoying a variety of fine wines, various themed activities and tasting courses were also organized so that visitors could gain a deeper understanding of whisky tasting techniques and cultural connotations. Miss. Guo, the chief bartender of Goalong Distillery, personally gave the masterclasses, which featured a selection of Goalong Single Malt Short-Aged Brandy Casks, Goalong Single Malt Short-Aged Sherry Casks, Goalong Single Malt Short-Aged 1/4 Laphroaig Coal Casks, and Goalong Single Grain Short-Aged Whisky (made from Liuyang's local glutinous rice). Whisky enthusiasts and consumers at the Masterclass actively and enthusiastically interacted with Miss. Guo, immersing themselves in whisky culture and whisky tasting to experience the infinite charm of whisky.


The wonderful appearance of short-aged spirits brought by Goalong Distillery at this event, the friendship and support of whisky lovers for Chinese whisky will bring more opportunities and possibilities for the future development of Goalong Whisky. Goalong Whisky, Forward for the Dream!