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Talking about JOHNNIE WALKER whisky


JOHNNIE WALKER  is one of the top ten famous whiskies in the world. Founded in 1820, Johnnie walker is the world's largest Scotch whisky producer with a long history. "Keep Walking forward forever" is the brand spirit and philosophy that Johnnie walker always adheres to. Whether in the process of product distill or brand development, we always adhere to the consistent best quality assurance and keep moving forward. Johnnie walker's image as a walking gentleman conveys the spirit of "Keep Walking forward forever". It menas that Johnnie Walking is a marcher who keeps moving forward.


1. Johnnie walker < red card > whisky JOHNNIEWALKERREDLABEL

"Red Card" is the world's highest-selling Scotch whisky, and its sales volume is almost one million cases more than that of its nearest rival every year. "Red Card" is a mixture of about 40 different simple malt whiskies and grain whiskies, which is made with sophisticated blending technology and closely followed the original formula in 1999. Each bottle of "Red Card" has its own unique taste, so it is famous all over the world. In 1996, the world's most authoritative international wine competition, "Red Card" won the gold medal for blending Scotch whisky. 

Johnnie walker red

2. Johnnie walker < black card > whisky JOHNNIEWALKERBLACKLABEL

"Black Brand" is the world's leading high-grade whisky, which uses 40 kinds of high-quality whisky with pure malt, and has been stored for at least 12 years in a strictly controlled environment. "Black Brand" is a high-grade whisky sold in duty-free shops all over the world, and has won numerous awards in the world. In 1994 and 1996, "Black Brand" won the gold medal of high-grade whisky blending in the world's most authoritative international wine competition, so "Black Brand" is a unique wine with fragrance. 


3. Johnnie walker < Gold Medal > whisky JOHNNIEWALKERGOLDLABEL

< Gold Medal > whisky is eighteen years old. It was created by the Johnnie walker family in 1920 to celebrate the centenary. At that time, it was only for a few distinguished guests. The natural spring water used by < Gold Medal > originated from gold-bearing rock strata and was glittering, which made < Gold Medal > wine mellow without the smell of peat smoke. The background of the origin of gold can highlight the outstanding achievements of < Gold Medal > drinkers. 


4. Johnnie walker's < Blue Brand > best whisky JOHNNIEWALKERBLUELABEL

"Blue Brand" is a top-grade alcoholic brew of johnnie walker series. It is carefully selected from the oldest whiskies in many parts of Scotland. It contains whiskies of 60 years old. The wine is unique, mellow and fragrant, and is the choice of whisky connoisseurs.