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Single Malt Whisky VS Blended Whisky


    Each whisky is an individual, and each whiskey has their own best way of being enjoyed. The most fundamental principle of single malt whisky is that each distillery has to project a personality that let the brand is uniqueness.It is on this basis that the distillers create more complexity and layers through barrel ageing, but the final product ultimately stands out as presenting the character of the distillery.

single malt whisky

    Blended malts whiskey, on the other hand, which are a blend of a variety of single malts and grain whiskies that each have their own distinctive character. They are equally complex, but their complexity is fundamentally different from the layers of single malts whiskey due to their greater inclusiveness.

Blended malts whiskey

    Single malt whisky is like a mountain. Despite having a variety of flavours, the peak will always stand above others. The blended malts, on the other hand, are like rolling hills, also beautiful, but you need to take in all the surrounding scenery. There is no superiority or inferiority between the single malt whiskey and blended whisky; they simply exist differently. The only thing we have to do is to enjoy them.

Single malt whiskey