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Scotch whisky


Scotch whisky has been produced in Scotland for 500 years. Its products have a unique style, Brown and yellow with red, clear and transparent, with a burnt smell, with a certain smoke flavor, with a strong Scottish local flavor. Scotch whisky has dry taste, mellow, round, strong feet, soft features, Scotch produced whiskey is one of the world's best whiskey. Today let know about the whisky from this article.

Scotch whisky

Originally produced in Scotland, it is made from a dry, peaty, malted malt that produces a unique aroma.Its brewed by six processes: barley is soaked in water germination, drying, crushing malt, adding water saccharification, adding yeast fermentation, distilling twice, aging, mixing.

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There are four different types of scotch whisky used in raw materials, distilling and aging: single malt, pure malt, Blend, and grain whisky.To store more than 3 years in Scotland, at least 15 years to 20 years for the best quality product wine, more than 20 years of quality will drop in style, colour and lustre is brown with red, clear and bright, smell of burnt, with heavy smoke.

whisky raw materies

 There are four main whisky producing regions in Scotland, the Northern Highlands (, the southern lowlands, the southwestern Speyside, and the Western island of Eli. There are about 100 single malt distilleries in the mid-high region, accounting for more than 70% of all distilleries in Scotland, which is the most famous whiskey producing area in Scotland.

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