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Opportunities and challenges of Chinese malt whisky for Goalong Group


In recent years, the Chinese whisky industry has been growing at a very fast pace. From 2013 to 2021, not only the production of Chinese whisky is rising, but the demand for whisky is also continuing to rise. The market size of Chinese whisky as well as the average market price is also rising year by year. Whisky is not comparable to popular alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer and wine for the time being, but it is becoming more popular as young consumers become more exposed to whisky. So whisky has a huge consumption potential among the young group in China.

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Although whisky industry in China is developing very fast, but whisky industry in China's liquor market occupies a small share. As the Chinese whisky consumer group continues to expand, whisky in China in the next few years will usher in a golden period of development.

For Chinese whisky distillery also usher in opportunities and challenges, being the first Chinese manufacturer to distil single malt whisky - Goalong Group, the forward-looking layout of leaders and the unity and collaboration have enabled Goalong Group to be one step ahead of the industry in the past 12 years. After entering the Liuyang base, Goalong Group has now upgraded to the third generation of Goalong Group's delivery capability, which is an international delivery standard created in full compliance with both European and American and national food safety requirements.

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With modern standard factory, modern management system, strong technical force, the company has introduced international high-tech production lines, high degree of equipment automation, advanced level in the same industry in China, the production process is all automated, the products are complete, can meet the needs of different levels of customers for a variety of products.

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Goalong Group not only attaches importance to the domestic market, and has formed a solid strategic cooperation alliance with many famous nightclubs, and successfully created a rich variety of Goalong product line with high cost performance, we use word-of-mouth endorsement, let customers prove, and speak with satisfaction. Also in 2013, we started to expand overseas based on export foreign trade, and have now exported to the United States, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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In order to give customers better service guarantee, the group invited a number of experts to set up a high level of whiskymaking and bartending team, a huge investment to create a design team led by a returnee designer, 12 years of history, several elites for more than 5,000 domestic and foreign business users to provide creative consulting services, Goalong's service team to provide customers with one-stop service OEM solutions, and set up 24-hour online service, timely and accurate solve problems. Our company's raw material supply is audited according to the highest standards, for example, the original wine liquid is imported from France, the packaging glass bottle is the top three glass manufacturers in the country, we strictly control every link in order to give our customers better and better quality products and services.

One-stop Liquor service expert---Goalong Group

Goalong Group adheres to the corporate values of "customer first, employee growth and social responsibility" and is committed to building an emerging Chinese national brand.