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Liquor Wholesaler May Not Know Spirits Types of China


Everything you need to know about the type of spirits from China


Baijiu is known as many things. China's national wine, social lubricant, white lightning. Like a thunderstorm, it announces its arrival at a certain distance. To encounter it once - with its unique aroma, intense flavor and attendant complications - is to know it forever.


It is also the world's most popular beverage - approximately 10 billion liters are produced and consumed each year. It is one of the world's most diverse beverages and one of the best values for the adventurous drinker. Consumers can sometimes go from worried to reluctantly accepting to appreciating it in a single drink.


One of the trickiest misconceptions surrounding Baijiu is that it is a single type of distilled spirit, like vodka or gin. In fact, Baijiu is an eclectic category of traditional Chinese spirits that includes at least a dozen unique beverages. That's what makes Baijiu so good for new drinkers. Its variety is endless, and there is something for almost every taste in this category.


So, what do these drinks have in common?


All liquors are distilled from grains, usually sorghum, but sometimes rice, wheat, corn, millet and others. Any grain can be turned into Baijiu. What makes Baijiu different from most of its global counterparts is the use of an ancient ingredient called "qu," a grain-based microbial culture that converts starch into alcohol. The solid fermented grains are steamed in a large confectionery basket-like device, and the resulting vapors are collected and cooled into a potent, flavorful liquid: baijiu.

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Contemporary Chinese distillers typically age baijiu for at least six months, blend it for complexity and consistency, and bottle it at between 38-65% alcohol by volume. This means it can be used as a calming drink or as an industrial-strength sedative. Choose accordingly.


Baijiu is always served with food at mealtime, and alcohol is considered an integral part of China's rich culinary landscape. It is one of the so-called "five flavors" (bitterness, if you're curious) that must be kept in balance in order to achieve culinary harmony. In addition, each style of white wine grows out of the traditions of a region and is uniquely suited to the cuisine of that region. The sweetness of strong spiced baijiu accentuates the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine, the spiciness of soy spiced baijiu echoes the sourness of Guizhou cuisine, and so on. Thus, if we believe the ancient wisdom, one cannot have a balanced diet - and by extension, one cannot be a fully realized human being - without wine.


In terms of etiquette, there are two rules that remain constant in Chinese drinking culture. Never drink alone and never drink for no reason. In practice, this means that traditional Chinese drinking is communal and always as an offering. In ancient times, such offerings were made to the gods and evolved over time into toasts among friends, family and colleagues. The toast is a reciprocal relationship, and the person to whom the toast is offered is expected to reciprocate the gesture by the end of the meeting. Five glasses of wine can turn into ten in a short period of time, so pace yourself and don't start drinking unless you're ready to go the distance.

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Chinese spirits brands that are on the horizon of the international spirits industry


The Goalong brand was proposed in 2011 by the founder of the Goalong Group, who dreamed of bringing Chinese whisky to the world and creating China's first international spirits brand, and subsequently established the Goalong Group of Companies in the UK, and started to register the "Goalong" trademark in the same year. It is mainly responsible for international business, intellectual property and legal affairs. The English trademark "Goalong" is a synonym for "Gaolang", derived from the name of the Group's founder. Its meaning is to be progressive and pioneering, which is the corporate spirit of Goalong. 2 years later, Hunan Goalong Spirits Co.


At the beginning of 2018, the construction of a large single malt whisky base project in China started in the two types of industrial park by the Liuyang River. This is the 4th factory invested and built by Goalong Spirits Group, covering an area of 55,000m², of which the first phase of construction has been completed with 25,000Km², a total of 26,000 square meters of standard factory buildings. The project plans to construct 13 main buildings with a total construction area of 60,000m², equipped with the most advanced modern distillers and more than 10 production and packaging lines for alcoholic beverages and liquors, such as whisky, brandy, vodka, gin, soda, craft beer, pure natural rice wine, soft drinks, drinking water and other beverages, to achieve a one-stop supply capacity for emerging beverages.


GOALONG DISTILLERY Nestled right in the centre of Liuyang River Canyon Basin, 2.5 kilometers away from Liuyang River, surrounded by Luoxiao Mountain Range and Lianyun Mountain Range from north to south with an altitude of more than 1000 meters, and the highest main peak is Dawei Mountain(1608m). The site of the 50,000 square meter distillery was carefully selected for its amazing temperate Subtropical climate, rich natural biodiversity, 99% ratio of green forest, rain and fog in four seasons, which have formed in shale through billions of years, revealing a natural taste in the refreshing sweetness.


It is indeed an excellent area for distilling whiskey. Under this low-latitude winter snow-capped mountain, we found the terroir is perfect for whiskey making and can represent Changsha terroir-the source of the Liuyang River. With 1680 mm annual rainfall and access to natural quality spring water from Liuyang River. the air and water source are incomparably natural and pure. The annual average daily temperature in Liuyang River Valley is 15-23 ℃, and the cloudy and rainy days exceed 280 days. The air humidity and water and soil conservation are excellent. Even if it doesn‘t rain for a long time occasionally, the water in the air will condense into small rain and dew when it meets the peak in the morning, and then slowly penetrate into the rock stratum. This natural weak alkaline water water is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and selenium, with a pH value of about 7.5, which provides the most perfect nutrition for Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Local government has established it as a drinking water source protection and moved out of the human activities at the water source, and let us live in harmony with nature.



Vision            Gold

Olfaction       Full-bodied aromas of wheat and nectar

Taste             Rich aromas, elegant, richness and sweet

Finish            The sweetness of nectar is strong and persistent



Vision            Gold

Olfaction       Full-bodied aromas of wheat and nectar

Taste             Rich aromas, elegant, richness and sweet

Finish            The sweetness of nectar is strong and persistent



Vision            Gold

Olfaction          Full-bodied aromas of wheat and nectar

Taste             Rich aromas, elegant, richness and sweet

Finish            The sweetness of nectar is strong and persistent

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