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Is Scotch the best whisky?


    It has always been true that Scotch is the largest category in the whisky family, and it is absolutely wrong to say that "Scotland naturally produces the best whisky". Scotland is one of the premium whiskey regions, but don't overlook the recent revival of Irish whiskey, which is rich, gorgeous, palatable and full of charm. Meanwhile, Japanese whiskies have a history of less than a century, but they have become a new market favorite with their fine quality and complex layers. Or, let's turn to North America, where bourbon, rye and Canadian whiskey are also an exciting and wide world.

Scotch whiskey

    Wales, England, Australia, India, France, Sweden, USA and China. There are great whiskies from non-traditional regions that have come to our attention.Imagine, if the world of whisky is dead, why are there so many people around the world with the dream of building countless distilleries, just to produce this "no one will buy" spirits? It's time to rethink ----- whiskey has returned, and now the only rule is: enjoy it!

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