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How to tasting whiskey


How to add water when drinking whisky? What happens to the whiskey after adding water? 

It's useful to add some water when drinking whiskey. Which just like the effect of a developer, the water can let the whiskey release more aroma, and the whisky taste will be completely different. Give you good suggestion, you can still pure drink whiskey first, smell the aroma and test the taste in advance. Then adding water to observe the changes before and after adding water.

Chinese Goalong whisky

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What is the best water to add when drinking whiskey? 

Although we recommend to add water drinking whisky, not all water is suitable. Especially natural water is not recommended, because the chlorine smell will mask or even change the aroma of whiskey. Some water in Scotland extremely pure and clear is very useful to add in whisky for drink. And some distilleries to use this water to make whiskey. However, this kind of good water is hard to find and the price is very high. When tasting whiskey, we can buy drink water directly from the supermarket. Gaolang Group-China's single malt whisky brewing base produced GUMPFOG SPRING WATER is a good choice.

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Goalong blended whisky

How about whisky on the rocks? 

    The effect of adding ice cubes to whiskey is completely contrary to adding water. The ice cubes will lock the aroma of the whiskey. In the movie, entrepreneurs always like to add two ice cubes to their classic cocktail glass, and then pour whiskey slowly. The picture looks as cool as a classic poster, but the effect is actually like putting a good bottle of wine in the refrigerator and forgetting its existence. Drinking whiskey to add ice will let it cooler and less irritating of course, but only when the temperature rises, the whiskey will slowly bloom with all its unique aromas.

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If you really want to add ice cubes when drinking whisky. You can choice the blended whiskey to add ice when drinking. Because blended whiskey is a whiskey born to meet ice cubes. Goalong Group produce the Royal Carlston blended whisky is a good choice. With the soft scent of wheat coupled and the light oak barrel scent, the soft and smooth taste makes this Chinese blended whiskey hot sales in the domestic market and sell it all over the world.

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